Coach Kath

coach_kath_black_team_jacket_portraitKathrine Brown, North America’s leading weight loss coach, is the developer of the process Conscious Weight Loss® and the publisher of the blog Wisdom Bites™. Together, these have graduates and subscribers in over 20 countries. She is an expert on the topic of weight loss from self-esteem, self-worth and self-love perspectives. Through her process, she has helped people all over the world live bigger lives in smaller bodies.

A master-level coach and world-class communicator, Kathrine has the creativity and insight to effect profound and lasting change in her clients. Her leading edge work draws upon the pioneering findings from the fields of coaching, psychology and neuroscience. Her powerful bridging of the practical and the spiritual is redefining the way the world approaches weight loss.

Kathrine has been teaching her innovative content since 2002, specializing in helping those who struggle with food addiction, binge eating or self-sabotage. On this, she speaks from deep personal experience. She shares her life with her easygoing husband and her needy Siamese cat. She still eats french fries occasionally but no longer drives while under their influence.

“I have had the privilege of seeing thousands of competent coaches around the world. Few achieve mastery; Kathrine does.”
Steve Mitten

Master Certified Coach and Past President, International Coach Federation

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