Discover how to live the Bigger Life you've dreamed of
in the Smaller Body you've always wanted

Learn what it takes to live the Bigger Life you've dreamed of
in the Smaller Body you've always wanted

course starts Wednesday, September 4, 2024

Then discover how to do this in The CONSCIOUS WEIGHT LOSS® Coaching Process LIVE
course that starts Wednesday, September 4, 2024

“The authentic self has no need for excess weight.”


Founder of Conscious Weight Loss

Module 1: Awareness

A 3-Month LIVE Course to Awaken to Your Authentic Self and the Power of Choice


Enrolment closes Wednesday, August 28, 2024

LIVE course starts Wednesday, September 4, 2024 and ends Wednesday, December 4, 2024

If you’re like most people struggling with their weight…

  • PYou’re reaching for food that’s sabotaging your weight loss
  • PThat also has you dismissing your physical activity
  • P You don’t know why you keep doing this and you can’t figure out how to stop

Meanwhile, your life feels like it’s on hold until you can figure this out


If you’re a Burnt Out Dieter who’s struggling with any of the following…

  • PYou’re trying really hard to follow a diet or exercise program that’s driven by control and just forcing some weight loss
  • PYou’re working too hard to follow someone else’s approach to weight loss and not finding it to be a good fit for you and your life
  • PYou’re living a life of quiet desperation, convinced that you have to fix yourself by fixing your weight
  • PYou’re trying to address your body, behaviours and emotions but still sensing there’s something deeper and bigger you need to access
  • PYou just haven’t figured out how to lose weight without trading your Soul for a chocolate bar

Conscious Weight Loss can help you understand your resistance and sabotage so you can get past your blocks

All of those struggles are signs that you're trying to lose weight unconsciously

And even if you manage to struggle through and lose some weight, you will always be at risk of gaining the weight back UNCONSCIOUSLY when things get challenging again in your life – and they will, because that’s just life

Statistically speaking, this is what you're facing...


If you’re 40 or older, 75% of you are trying some kind of weight loss plan EVERY year


Of the previous group, 50% of you will end up GAINING weight instead


Of those who lose any weight, 95% of you will REGAIN it within 5 years


That means just 5% of you will be successful but only after an average of 6 significant FAILURES


If you made it this far, 80% of you acknowledge that individual and/or group SUPPORT was necessary

So if you want to solve this issue once and for all, if you want to lose weight permanently, you need to learn how to lose weight CONSCIOUSLY

Developing your consciousness is THE most natural and lasting way to lose weight, but it’s difficult to achieve this on your own

If you’re wanting to become a Conscious Eater and experience any of the following…

  • PMore natural relationships with food, movement and your body that finally give you a sense of peace and freedom with your weight issue
  • PImproved self-esteem and personal value that enable you to feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • PDeveloping greater self-integrity and self-care that lead to a more enjoyable and satisfying quality of life
  • PExploring who you’ll be on the other side of weight loss and discovering how capable and deserving you are of unconditional love
  • PDoing all this with a natural style and rhythm and intentionality that has you unleashing your bigger life

Conscious Weight Loss can guide you to redirect your resistance and sabotage so you can create these outcomes

“When I finally was connected with Coach Kath, she was actually referred to me by my doctor.”

Rita R.

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“I am a counsellor and a therapist
…she’s pushing me to go deeper than maybe I’ve done before.”

Kim M.

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“I’m free because my world does not revolve around my weight and I never thought I would get there.”

Elizabeth K.

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Module 1: Awareness

A 3-Month LIVE Course to Awaken to Your Authentic Self and the Power of Choice

Here’s What You’ll Receive in This Course

LIVE Kickoff and Q&A Video Event

*Wednesday, September 4, 2024 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm PT on Zoom*

Two exciting hours to initiate your weight loss efforts. This event will be led by me, Coach Kath, and I’ll be joined by Coach Kelli as we get things underway with some fun intros, stories and giveaways. We’ll end the event with a Q&A segment to make sure you have what you need to get off to a strong start.

12 LIVE Weekly Coaching and Q&A Video Calls

*Wednesdays, September 11 through November 27, 2024 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm PT on Zoom*

A full hour each week, providing 3 full months of support for your day-to-day weight loss journey. I’ll be leading these calls and Coach Kelli will be collecting your questions. The first half of each call will be dedicated to further teachings plus demo coaching for those who have an issue they need some perspective on. The second half of each call will be dedicated to Q&A for those who want more clarity on any of the topics we’re covering.

LIVE Graduation and Q&A Video Event

*Wednesday, December 4, 2024 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm PT on Zoom*

Two rewarding hours to celebrate your weight loss efforts. Again, I’ll be leading this event and Coach Kelli will be joining me as we wrap things up with some amazing case studies, awards and acknowledgements. We’ll end the event with a Q&A segment to make sure you have what you need to continue your progress.

13 Client-Proven Audio Lessons

*Instant Online Access*

About one hour each, that guide you through insightful teachings that will work for you as they have for thousands of others. These audios have proven to be highly effective with my individual clients for years so you can count on them working for you too.

14 Field-Tested Resources and Interactive Worksheets

*Instant Online Access and Downloadable*

Including Temperament Types, Core Values and Bigger Life Worksheets. All of the resources and worksheets you’ll have access to have been tested with my individual clients and beyond. This ensures they produce consistent insights and outcomes in helping you get to the root of your weight issue.

Recordings of All Live Video Events and Video Calls

*Within 24 Hours*

In case you miss any of the live sessions, we’ve got you covered. Each recording will be available within 24 hours after the session ends, so you can watch it at your own convenience and pace.

Advanced Search Tool for Recordings and Transcripts

*Within Online Study Lounge*

Pinpoint any topic quickly. Just type in what you’re looking for and it gives you one-click, direct access to the portions of any audios, videos or transcripts that mention the topic.

Access to a Private Facebook Group

*Moderated Large Group Pod*

With all the live video events and calls – what we call the Large Group Pod – you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group moderated by Coach Kelli and I’ll be popping in there regularly to answer your questions. We want to do everything we can to help you stay focused and make progress between the sessions. Our emphasis in this large group is on providing opportunities for sharing your experiences during the course and championing each other’s bigger lives.

Access to a Private Peer Group

*Small Group Pod Introductions*

We’ll also be creating Small Group Pods, where you’ll get access to a private peer group that’s self-led. After you enrol and if you choose, we’ll get to work on introducing you to 2-4 others who are also enrolled in this cohort. You’ll get to know each other well as you experience this course together. Our emphasis in these small groups is on providing opportunities for optional peer support during the course and building lasting relationships with each other.

One Full Year of Online Study Lounge Access

*Plus Free Pass*

We’re guessing you might have spent money on other online trainings but never opened or completed them. Maybe you were too overwhelmed. Maybe they were poorly designed. But a big part of our helping you with your weight loss is helping you consume this course more than junk food. That’s why there’s a time limit but it’s also a generous one. Plus, you get a free pass to any further Module 1: Awareness LIVE courses offered during this time.

Plus 3 Important BONUSES to Jumpstart Your Efforts


*Coach Kath’s Top 5 Tech Gadgets for Weight Loss*

This top 5 list of tech gadgets and their apps can help you start your health practices even before you start this course.


*2 Key Lessons for Improving Your Eating Patterns*

These 2 key lessons can help you examine your current eating patterns and make immediate improvements with your meals and treats.


*8 Essential Questions for Potentially Self-Sabotaging Moments*

These 8 essential questions can help you navigate your most difficult moments and capture your biggest learning from them.

All Designed To Help You Get the Traction You Want Right Away

“Weight loss is fear loss.”


Founder of Conscious Weight Loss

Here’s What You’ll Learn AND Practice During This Course

  • PDoing the inner work that turns your fears and resistance into insight and progress
    If you’re struggling with your weight, you’re lacking important insights about your authentic self – insights we can lead you to in a way that feels like you’re finally making progress.
  • PSeeing yourself as a multi-layered human being with legitimate needs
    Whenever you’re reaching for food you know you’re not hungry for, there’s a need presenting. We can help you identify those moments, the need itself and how to address the need without turning to food.
  • PImproving self-regulation for better composure when under stress
    The focus of this course has you managing your emotions and your internal state better. The ability to effectively navigate the stressors in your life is a big part of weight loss success.
  • PDeveloping a sense of choice you didn’t even know existed
    When you’re caught up in trying to control your weight, it’s impossible to fathom what choice is. But when you lay the groundwork the way we teach you, the power of choice is within your grasp.

You shift from

“I AM my body and I must CONTROL it at all costs”


“I HAVE a body and I’m learning how to RELATE to it without judgement”

“With these tools that she taught me…I never had those tools before. So it gives me hope.”

Antonietta B.

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“She…can take…ideas and articulate them…in a way that makes people go yeah…I get it.”

Molly M.

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“I’ve already kind of seen or kind of felt how it informs other parts of my life.”

Darlene H.

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Module 1: Awareness

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive in This 3-Month LIVE Course

  • LIVE Kickoff and Q&A Video Event
  • 12 LIVE Weekly Coaching and Q&A Video Calls
  • NLIVE Graduation and Q&A Video Event
  • N13 Client-Proven Audio Lessons
  • N14 Field-Tested Resources and Interactive Worksheets
  • NRecordings of All Live Video Events and Video Calls
  • NAdvanced Search Tool for Recordings and Transcripts
  • NAccess to a Private Facebook Group
  • NAccess to a Private Peer Group
  • NOne Full Year of Online Study Lounge Access
  • BONUS #1: Coach Kath’s Top 5 Tech Gadgets for Weight Loss
  • BONUS #2: 2 Key Lessons for Improving Your Eating Patterns
  • BONUS #3: 8 Essential Questions for Potentially Self-Sabotaging Moments


Then forward your time-stamped, proof-of-purchase email to before or on August 28 with the full name, mobile number and email address of your giftee

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But if you find this simply isn’t the right fit for you, you’ll have up to 30 days to consider our 100% money back guarantee

About Your Teacher

“She’s got your back, but at the same time, she’s gonna tell you what you need to hear to push you in the direction of being a better person.”

Ben J.

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KATHRINE BROWN, Master-Level Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

At the leading edge of health and wellness coaching for over 20 years, with over 12,000 hours of weight loss-specific coaching experience

Kathrine Brown (Coach Kath) is the developer of the leading-edge Conscious Weight Loss® coaching process, author of the Wisdom Bites™ blog and the co-host of the Conscious Weight Loss Podcast. She is a weight loss expert from the perspectives of personal growth, spiritual evolution and unconditional love.

Through her process, she has helped thousands around the world live bigger lives in smaller bodies. Kathrine has been teaching her innovative approach since 2002, specializing in working with those struggling with self-sabotage, food addiction, binge eating or body image. On this, she speaks from deep personal experience.

A master-level coach and world-class communicator, she has the creativity and insight to effect profound, lasting change. Her pioneering work draws upon the latest findings from the fields of coaching, psychology and addiction, as well as wisdom traditions. Her powerful bridging of the practical and the spiritual is redefining the way the world approaches weight loss.

She still eats french fries occasionally but no longer drives while under their influence.

Still Thinking Whether to Enrol?
This Personal Message From Coach Kath Is For You

Enrolment closes Wednesday, August 28, 2024

LIVE course starts Wednesday, September 4, 2024
and ends Wednesday, December 4, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions
About This Conscious Weight Loss Course

How is this DIFFERENT from every other time I've tried to lose weight?

(not about nutrition/fitness + see for copy to use)

Who is this intended FOR?

(see + Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, Educators, Executives/Managers, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Professionals, Nutritionists, Trainers, Wellness Practitioners, Caregivers, Retirees…)(lifelong learners or empathetic, often in teaching/helping or science/tech fields)(we want participants who want to develop LONG-TERM relationships with us coaches & with other participants. You recognize there’s incredible value & lasting connections in having others witness & champion you over the long-term. We’re looking for people who want to become true fans – not of us but of their own growth, evolution & spirituality that we’re here to support. We want to reignite those dreams you’ve been holding yourself back on – your bigger life!)

Who is this NOT intended for?

(how much weight will I lose and by when?)

What if I’ve tried weight loss coaching through other online platforms and it DIDN'T work for me?

Many online apps and programs hire coaches with little to no experience or qualifications at near minimum wage and simply call them weight loss coaches. You didn’t experience weight loss coaching, you experienced someone using you to gain some coaching experience and that can have questionable results.

What sources or methods did you pull from to DEVELOP this course?

(this course does NOT provide nutrition or fitness info)

Why did this training make me TEARFUL?

Some of you might have experienced what I call Soul tears at some point in this training. These could be tears of finally feeling heard about your struggle with your weight, or they could be tears of being called forth into your bigger life. Regardless, these tears are a sure sign you’ve stirred your Soul and have encountered something vital to explore for your wellbeing.

What is the LIVE sessions schedule and what level of support is available?

(also mention here Coach Kath/Coach Kelli hosting of all live sessions & recordings available for all live sessions within 24hr)

Can I still enrol once the live sessions have STARTED?

Unfortunately no. After enrolment closes, we need to turn our full attention to delivering the LIVE course and late enrolments would take our admin resources away from that.

Can I participate at my OWN pace by following along with the recordings?

(you’ll have a different experience but you won’t miss out on any of the course content)

How much TIME per week should I expect to spend on coursework?

(most people struggling with their weight already have a capacity issue)

Can I apply what I learn in this course to REAL-LIFE situations?

(from ST-NVC: The techniques you’ll learn are designed to be easy to integrate into your everyday life. Whether it’s managing disagreements at work or enhancing communication with the people you love, you’ll learn how to navigate challenging conversations with empathy and clarity. It includes exercises and real-life scenarios, helping you practice mindful listening and effective expression of your needs.)

What's made others so successful with this and how long will it take me to make PROGRESS?

(from ST-Body as Healer: Although we recommend practicing the exercises over the course of six months, some participants see significant results in just a few sessions. You can, of course, practice them anytime and simply enjoy the increased vitality and freedom they provide.) (from Terry Real-Better Boundaries: If you commit to showing up, doing the work, and practicing the skills Terry and his team teach you, you can cultivate better boundaries which will provide the foundation for stronger relationships. Your boundaries will not change overnight, but with dedicated practice, the insights and skills within this course can help you find the balance between closeness ans separateness that’s essential for an extraordinary relationship.)

Why 1 YEAR of access and not lifetime access?

(we want you consuming and completing this course more than junk food + college or university course + majority of people don’t even lk at online course or may not fini course & only sm % revisit course, want t/compare t/univ course w/professor, no recordings/just own notes, but CWL does offer 1yr access KB: it’s rare bk you reread but you’re differ pers when reread so gt something differ out of it ea time, big part of our helping you w/your WL is helping you consume this content > junk food, that’s why there’s time limit but also generous one)

Why ONLINE access and not downloadable lessons and recordings?

(re: accessing the course materials for continued reference and study = living documents…)

What is your REFUND policy?

The refund period for all students, regardless what date you enrol, is a full 30 days from the course start date of September 4, 2024 through to October 4, 2024. Refunds will not be issued beyond October 4, 2024.

Are there SCHOLARSHIPS available?

(last day to apply is ??? + awards will be made by ??? via email notification…)

Key Questions You Should Ask
About Any Weight Loss Approach

Does the approach encourage CRITICAL thinking?

Real change requires a shift in beliefs as well as behaviours. Weight loss approaches that only offer 4-16 weeks of curriculum upfront lack depth. While a short-term program can help you get some initial traction with your habits, it’s too short to address the underlying issues that get entrenched from years of struggling with your weight. When these approaches inevitably hit this wall, they either resort to a ‘rinse and repeat’ method or they cobble together additional programs which have little forethought or integration between them.

“Ego does not need to be conquered, only tempered.” – Kathrine Brown

Conscious Weight Loss was conceived and designed as a fully-integrated, year-long process with progressive stages that take you from struggle to joy; from Ego to Soul. While other weight loss approaches may have happy accidents of mindfulness, self-love or a better life, our process intentionally and predictably evolves you to a higher level of consciousness, unconditional love and a bigger life.

Does the approach promote natural relationships with food, movement and your body?

Approaches that insist on you being one way to lose the weight and another way to maintain it are not natural. But even approaches that appear to be balanced can still be riddled with ‘control’ language and rely on external ‘accountability’ to instill habits. Don’t confuse this with what’s natural either because when life offers up the unexpected (say, COVID-19?) and your normal structures and routines evaporate, your efforts will too.

“Don’t mix up that which is habitual with that which is natural.” – Gandhi

Conscious Weight Loss acknowledges the ebbs and flows of life and the importance of developing your natural style and rhythm within this. Your efforts are grounded in choice, not control, so they are always a natural expression of who you’re being at any given time and they can withstand the tests of life. Our process provides the guidance, tools and support to help you master your internal ethic and experience true freedom with your choices.

Is the approach substantial enough to improve your life beyond weight loss?

A good weight loss approach should have a positive ripple effect on related behaviours like sleep quality or alcohol consumption. Such an approach can often improve blood sugar levels with respect to diabetes or ease longstanding physical pains. It may lead to a reduction in medications overall. A great weight loss approach does all this and more. It brings optimism and possibility back into your life in a way that has you excited to get out of bed in the morning to engage with life. More importantly, you aren’t susceptible to a number on the scale artificially propping you up or ruining your day because you’ve learned how to navigate all this with trust and calm. Haven’t found this approach yet? It’s time for Conscious Weight Loss.

“The best part of living your bigger life is creating something that will outlast it.” – Kathrine Brown

Conscious Weight Loss is unparalleled in its breadth and depth to address the underlying issues of your weight struggle. It helps you connect the dots to the factors at play. It helps you develop the needed life skills to move through the points of your weight loss journey where you have turned back before. And it does all this in a way that feels natural and frees up your precious energy for realizing your potential, your bigger life.