Who inspires you? Who are you inspiring? We all need people in our lives who can see us bigger than we can see ourselves; people who can lift us up and pull us – sometimes gently, sometimes kicking and screaming – into our innate greatness. It only takes one person to see us in this way. It doesn’t have to be our significant other, a friend or a peer. It could be a stranger. It only takes one person to speak the truth about our natural gifts and talents, such that, we can no longer hide and play small.

To live your bigger life in good company means to seek and welcome these inspired connections with others. Why can we so beautifully and effortlessly champion the greatness we see in others? Quite simply, we are not subject to their negative self-talk or limiting behaviours. We can see the truth more clearly than they can in those moments. Why do we need to receive this powerful encouragement from others? Because it helps us step up and say ‘I want to see what I’m truly capable of’.

We all sense there’s a bigger life waiting for us. We all sense there’s much more potential within us. Reach high and bring others with you.

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