I’ve always said I can enjoy most any kind of weather, so long as I’m dressed for it. This particular morning however, I had dressed for and was expecting warm sunshine but the universe handed me something quite different halfway through my walk. And now it’s raining…hard.

So how often are my expectations a mismatch with reality? When I’m too attached to my expectations, I’ll double down on my efforts while denying my circumstances. Denial sets me up for disappointment (damn weather). With enough disappointment, maybe I’ll concede that reality isn’t cooperating, so I’ll try some patience. But even if my initial tolerance gives way to the calm endurance that patience suggests, I have to admit I have a timeline in mind for reality to change (enough already!). I wait, until I realize reality is not going to conform. Now, I may be willing to practice acceptance. Acceptance is simply the receiving of events as they unfold (this is the point where I acknowledge I still have blocks to go and I accept that I’m going to get soaked).

The real shift comes when I finally Surrender: I start skipping, splashing in the puddles. And then the deeper insight washes over me – it’s my work to align with reality.

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