Most of us don’t realize the elaborate assumptions, tolerations and rationalizations we’ve constructed around our weight, that keep us mired in our comfort zones. Assumptions are the sacred cows of our life that we’ve stopped questioning and challenging. Tolerations are the safety ruts we’ve fallen into that stunt our personal growth. Rationalizations are the false stories we tell ourselves to explain – rather than examine – our beliefs and behaviours.

Assumptions, tolerations and rationalizations create layers between us and truth. They have us convinced that the solution to our weight issue exits outside of ourselves, preferably in some kind of neatly packaged pill or quick fix that makes little or no demands on us. And we’ve signed up for and fed this delusion, whenever we’ve gone down this path, in trying to escape our bodies again and again.

The magic pill for weight loss, is truth. It’s not about the food or the exercise. It’s about everything we need to come to terms with that has distorted our relationships with these, and more importantly, our relationship with ourselves. It takes a certain amount of emotional maturity and a whole lot of humility to look at truth clearly. But the gifts that are waiting for us when we stand in truth are authenticity and empowerment.

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