There is a distinction between when your stomach is “quiet” (about 1-2 hours after eating) and when it’s truly hungry again (about 3+ hours after eating). Many people confuse this quiet feeling with “emptiness” and constantly try to fill it with food. The problem is, nothing will satisfy because there is nothing to satisfy. And because this quiet state – experienced as calmness, stillness or resting – is threatening to Ego, what Ego fills this space with can become frantic and extreme.

Quietude is an uncluttered mind, where your mental preoccupation or obsession with food has ceased and your physical digestion is at rest. Similar to the person who releases nervous energy by bouncing their knee, bringing stillness to their leg requires them to be present and embrace this stillness throughout their body. It may seem foreign and uncomfortable at first but quietude is the new normal you are seeking. Your thinking will have an uncommon clarity and your energy will be directed rather than distracted.

It took me years to realize I didn’t need to lose weight so much as I needed to lose my weight issue. Quietude is an indication you’re losing your weight issue.

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