When you set your sights on a big, audacious goal, you invoke that part of yourself that knows no limits. A moment of fearlessness is all it takes to put yourself on this trajectory, but there may be countless moments of doubt and worry as you begin to absorb the full extent of the task ahead. Never let your mind underestimate just how far your feet are willing to take you.

Remember this: once your feet cross the starting line, you have already won. Regardless how things unfold or how far you go, you are living, breathing and experiencing one of your dreams. This aliveness is really what the goal is all about – the outcome is secondary. But once you get a taste of this aliveness, you will be amazed at the reserves of energy within you, to take another step, and another, and yet another.

Soon enough, you will find yourself in uncharted and transcendent territory, where your imagination is unleashed into every other area of your life, and all things become possible. What was once inconceivable and out of reach, is now within your grasp and your capacity. The feet have proven to the mind, there are no limits.

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