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Master-Level Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

At the leading edge of health and wellness coaching for over 20 years, with over 12,000 hours of weight-loss specific coaching experience

Kathrine Brown (Coach Kath) is the developer of the leading-edge Conscious Weight Loss® coaching process, author of the Wisdom Bites™ blog and co-host of the Conscious Weight Loss Podcast*. She is a weight loss expert from the perspectives of personal growth, spiritual evolution and unconditional love.

Through her process, she has helped thousands around the world live bigger lives in smaller bodies. Kathrine has been teaching her innovative approach since 2002, specializing in working with those struggling with resistance, self-sabotage, food addiction and binge eating. On this, she speaks from deep personal experience.

A master-level coach and world-class communicator, she has the creativity and insight to effect profound, lasting change. Her pioneering work draws upon the latest findings from the fields of coaching, psychology and addiction, as well as wisdom traditions. Her powerful bridging of the practical and the spiritual is redefining the way the world approaches weight loss.

She still eats french fries occasionally but no longer drives while under their influence.

Sucker For: YouTube kitten/baby animal videos
Love Love Love: Swimming pools and swings
Most Useless Former Skill: Riding a unicycle long distances
Beliefs: An agnostic born on Christmas Day, with an appreciation for world religions, a curiosity for Secular Buddhism and an interest in science
Key Traits: Curiosity, innovation and being a lifelong learner

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathrine in a professional capacity for several years. She is a truly gifted coach. As Past-President of the International Coach Federation I had the privilege of seeing thousands of competent coaches around the world. Few achieve mastery; Kathrine does.”

Steve Mitten

Master Certified Coach and Past President, International Coach Federation

Coach Kelli

Kelli Cote is co-host of the Conscious Weight Loss Podcast and a Coach and Pod Leader at Conscious Weight Loss. As an ACE-certified personal trainer for over 16 years, she has dedicated her life to the evolution of herself and her clients. Passionate about health and fitness from a young age, she is always on the lookout for new exercise ‘toys’ and gadgets to keep her clients engaged and excited.

Kelli’s greatest strength lies in her ability to connect with her clients on such a deep level that growth and change are inevitable. It is this Soul-level connection that she recognized was missing from standard weight loss offerings, and intuitively what led her to Coach Kath and Conscious Weight Loss. Endearingly referred to as Miss Moderation by her fellow coaches, she embraces a balanced lifestyle; however, through years of self-reflection and learning, she recognizes that even moderation benefits from shaking things up a bit!

Sucker For: A day at the beach and all things Paris
Love Love Love: Miniature dachshunds and alpacas
Most Useless Former Skill: Ambidextrous frisbee player
Beliefs: Born and raised Roman Catholic but through years of researching other practices, whole-heartedly believes it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and leans more towards the concepts of Buddhism
Key Traits: Connection and kindness

“Kelli has been my trainer and coach for nearly a decade. She’s helped me overcome some unhealthy eating habits and stick with regular exercise routines. My workouts with Kelli are always different and challenging so it never gets boring or repetitive. She listens to me and designs my workouts around my body’s needs or limitations. It’s because of Kelli that I’ve been able to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. I look forward to another decade with her!”

Michelle Paletta

Vice President (Automotive Industry)

Coach Rachel

Rachel Fowler is the client interviewer for the Conscious Weight Loss Podcast and a Coach and Pod Leader at Conscious Weight Loss. As a health and wellness specialist and personal trainer/sport nutritionist, she is passionate and skilled in all forms of movement both spiritually and physically. With more than 20 years of training and programming experience, she has been instrumental in helping clients achieve their goals of mind and body fitness.

Rachel is a dedicated student of life. Her compassion and competence enable her to provide exceptional support and guidance. She has in-depth knowledge of addiction and recovery. Her calling is helping people find balance in their lives and joy in their hearts through inner and outer work, so the opportunity to do this as part of the team is profoundly rewarding.

Sucker For: BBC comedies, shoes and a good book
Love Love Love: Motorcycles
Most Useless Former Skill: Pistol squats
Beliefs: Uncommon faith in…God, Source Energy, The Universe, Divine Energy…whatever name suits your fancy. Science, science, science. We are divine scientific miracles.
Key Traits: Observation and intuition

“Rachel has been my personal trainer and coach for 8 years now. She holds herself to a very high standard and it shows in every aspect of her work. She has gone to great lengths to keep my body moving and my mind motivated. I know that I would not be who I am today without her commitment, skill and dedication.”

Bonnie J. Jones

Retired CEO/President (Fishing Industry)

*the Conscious Weight Loss Podcast has been created, produced, hosted and marketed by Kathrine Brown of Conscious Weight Loss Inc®. Special thanks to American Pro Voice Overs for on-air talent and East Coast Studio for post-production.

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