Conscious Weight Loss – Frequently Asked Questions

“The physical change occurred effortlessly while working on the emotional and spiritual growth this process offers.” – A.A., ESL Teacher
“I’ve presently lost over 40 pounds and kept it off for 3 years. Once the weight is gone, it’s gone.” – L.D., Registered Nurse
“I lost the preoccupation I had with my weight. What a sense of freedom this process brings.” – K.C., Personal Trainer
“I love my new body and my new life too. I love who I’ve become and who I’m becoming.” – M.G., Weight Loss Coach

This process is delivered online and by Zoom/phone to students and clients around the world.

We want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision to proceed. Here are the top 5 questions we receive but if you have others we want to hear from you, so Contact Us!

1. How is this different from the last 10 times I tried to lose weight?

We hear you. If you’re considering doing the inner work of this process, we know you’ve been humbled enough by your previous attempts to realize there was something missing in those other approaches (see the Questions to Ask… section below for much more on that). We’ll guide you through this process with a sensitivity that you might be coming from a place of desperation and really want this to work. And it will. But make no mistake, there will be work to do on your part. Most of it will be eye-opening and some of it will be necessarily uncomfortable. We don’t want you coming into this process seeking a magic pill and being disappointed.

2. Is the Conscious Weight Loss coaching process for me?

If you’ve been gravitating to mindfulness or consciousness practices already, this process is excellent at putting words to your experiences in a way that deepens them and gives you the clarity to act. Our ideal members and clients are: age 40+ with some life experience; continuous learners who value journalling and reflection; avid consumers of educational content through reading or listening; and aspirational people who desire a bigger life that can be of service to others. Our philosophies are secular but spiritual.

3. Can this process be covered by my employee benefits or claimed as a medical expense?

Check with your benefits plan to see if it offers a wellness, personal or flexible spending account. It might offer a full or partial reimbursement for your membership or individual coaching fees. To claim your fees as a medical expense, a medical practitioner must certify in writing your need for specialized treatment, so speak to your doctor. That said, there are two things people always say after going through this process: 1) “I wish I had discovered and done this process sooner” and 2) “I would have paid 2-3 times the fee out of my own pocket given the profound life improvements I’ve experienced”.

4. What is the frequency of the coaching?

This process is initially delivered through weekly live coaching calls – group Zoom calls of 100 minutes each or individual phone/Zoom calls of 50 minutes each. After the first module, and depending on your progress and ability to self-coach, there are options to continue weekly or switch to twice monthly live calls. This process is fully recorded and available in 20 minute short segments or 75 minute long versions to listen to each week. The educational content is delivered through these recordings while the live calls that follow are dedicated to coaching conversations about the concepts and your application of them.

5. How much time is required of me to participate?

You’ll want to allocate time for the content recordings and live calls (see What is the frequency… question above). Beyond that, most of what we teach and coach can be woven into your daily choices. Allocating 10 minutes for journalling most days will be enough to capture those choices for reflection and discussion. But the real value of the coaching is not how much time you allocate for the recordings, calls or journalling. It’s how you apply your insights through your actions – this is what creates wisdom and makes this process your own.  To get the most out of it, we recommend you approach this process like a course of study – a college or university course – and invest your time and actions accordingly.

Questions to Ask About Any Weight Loss Approach

It’s hard to know how to compare one weight loss approach to another. Here are the top 5 questions to help you understand how and why Conscious Weight Loss is purposefully different from everything else out there.

1. Is the approach a program or a process?

Real change requires a shift in beliefs as well as behaviours. Weight loss approaches that only offer 4-16 weeks of curriculum upfront lack depth. While a short-term program can help you get some initial traction with your habits, it’s too short to address the underlying issues that get entrenched from years of struggling with your weight. When these approaches inevitably hit this wall, they either resort to a ‘rinse and repeat’ method or they cobble together additional programs which have little forethought or integration between them.

“Ego does not need to be conquered, only tempered.” – Kathrine Brown

Conscious Weight Loss was conceived and designed as a fully-integrated, year-long process with progressive stages that take you from struggle to joy; from Ego to Soul. While other weight loss approaches may have happy accidents of mindfulness, self-love or a better life, our process intentionally and predictably evolves you to a higher level of consciousness, unconditional love and a bigger life.

2. Is the approach simple or elegantly simple?

Weight issues are complex with a multitude of factors at play. Approaches that attempt to reduce all this to a few simple rules or tracking methods are just passing along this burden of complexity to you. They also require you to follow their rules or methods for the rest of your life. At the other end of the spectrum, approaches that attempt to address this complexity with heaps of scientific knowledge, technology or even practical information leave you in a state of overwhelm.

“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Conscious Weight Loss is a wisdom-based process that enables you to explore the complexity of your weight issues to a point of deep understanding. It’s a combination of gradual insight AND incremental action that leads to rethinking your beliefs and behaving differently. It’s this wisdom that transcends your struggle once and for all, weans you off the rules and tracking and makes your efforts elegantly simple.

3. Does the approach encourage critical thinking?
Life is peppered with the unexpected. Life skills help you respond to the unexpected. Weight loss approaches that try to contain your efforts to a meal or exercise plan a day (or days) in advance are avoiding the very experiences, observations and reflections necessary to develop effective life skills. ‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it’ approaches might feel like a relief at first but they ultimately inhibit critical thinking.

“We do not want to make ourselves dependent on a plan that is threatened by the unexpected, like a new idea, discovery or insight.” – Sonke Ahrens

Conscious Weight Loss recognizes wisdom requires critical thinking – the ability to assess variable situations and yourself with clarity and be open to discoveries. The reasoning and problem-solving that stems from this leads to intuitive insight and self-corrective action. This kind of independent thought and practice is what instills trust in your own efforts.

4. Does the approach promote natural relationships with food, movement and your body?

Approaches that insist on you being one way to lose the weight and another way to maintain it are not natural. But even approaches that appear to be balanced can still be riddled with ‘control’ language and rely on external ‘accountability’ to instill habits. Don’t confuse this with what’s natural either because when life offers up the unexpected (say, COVID-19?) and your normal structures and routines evaporate, your efforts will too.

“Don’t mix up that which is habitual with that which is natural.” – Gandhi

Conscious Weight Loss acknowledges the ebbs and flows of life and the importance of developing your natural style and rhythm within this. Your efforts are grounded in choice, not control, so they are always a natural expression of who you’re being at any given time and they can withstand the tests of life. Our process provides the guidance, tools and support to help you master your internal ethic and experience true freedom with your choices.

5. Is the approach substantial enough to improve your life beyond weight loss?

A good weight loss approach should have a positive ripple effect on related behaviours like sleep quality or alcohol consumption. Such an approach can often improve blood sugar levels with respect to diabetes or ease longstanding physical pains. It may lead to a reduction in medications overall. A great weight loss approach does all this and more. It brings optimism and possibility back into your life in a way that has you excited to get out of bed in the morning to engage with life. More importantly, you aren’t susceptible to a number on the scale artificially propping you up or ruining your day because you’ve learned how to navigate all this with trust and calm. Haven’t found this approach yet? It’s time for Conscious Weight Loss.

“The best part of living your bigger life is creating something that will outlast it.” – Kathrine Brown

Conscious Weight Loss is unparalleled in its breadth and depth to address the underlying issues of your weight struggle. It helps you connect the dots to the factors at play. It helps you develop the needed life skills to move through the points of your weight loss journey where you have turned back before. And it does all this in a way that feels natural and frees up your precious energy for realizing your potential, your bigger life.

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