“Visually engaging. Emotionally and spiritually empowering.” – T.K.

“An opportunity for reflection and a mantra for the day.” – E.K.

“I pull up a Wisdom Bite when I need a gentle reminder.” – G.M.

“These keep me focused on the here and now.” – J.S.

“Important messages matched by the perfect visual.” – S.W.

“Short, bold statements. Easy to remember and repeat.” – T.H.

“Wisdom Bites help me be easier on myself when things go wrong.” – L.R.

“I found myself wanting to explore each one further.” – C.K.

Weekly fun, digestible nuggets of wisdom to help you stay conscious and live intentionally – written and designed by Coach Kath. All of these have come from coaching conversations with clients over the years.

Magic Pills

Most of us don’t realize the elaborate assumptions, tolerations and rationalizations we’ve constructed around our weight, that keep us mired in our comfort zones. Assumptions are the sacred cows of our life that we’ve stopped questioning and challenging. Tolerations...

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Quietude Is An Uncluttered Mind

There is a distinction between when your stomach is “quiet” (about 1-2 hours after eating) and when it’s truly hungry again (about 3+ hours after eating). Many people confuse this quiet feeling with “emptiness” and constantly try to fill it with food. The problem is,...

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Joy Is Our Natural State

My mother tells me I was a joyful child. I rarely cried. Whenever she woke me from sleep, I would have a smile on my face. So I couldn’t help but wonder, what the heck happened? How did I drag such a serious, over-thinking nature through adulthood and why was I...

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It’s Raining… Hard

I’ve always said I can enjoy most any kind of weather, so long as I’m dressed for it. This particular morning however, I had dressed for and was expecting warm sunshine but the universe handed me something quite different halfway through my walk. And now it’s...

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Live Your Bigger Life

Who inspires you? Who are you inspiring? We all need people in our lives who can see us bigger than we can see ourselves; people who can lift us up and pull us – sometimes gently, sometimes kicking and screaming – into our innate greatness. It only takes one person to...

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You Are Without Limits

When you set your sights on a big, audacious goal, you invoke that part of yourself that knows no limits. A moment of fearlessness is all it takes to put yourself on this trajectory, but there may be countless moments of doubt and worry as you begin to absorb the full...

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