Deep truth is like the deep end of the pool. Are you avoiding it, wading into it or jumping in with both feet?

Today’s Wisdom Bite about deep truth points to who you are and to your natural gifts and talents, once you unlearn who you are not. For some, it’s more familiar to struggle with life so they avoid their deep truth. For others, they’ve never felt they were good enough so they only wade in, telling themselves maybe they don’t care enough to go further. Still for others, they’re aware on some level they’re amazing and deserving so they jump in but they’re shocked as they try to climatize. We all tend to wait for someone else to come along and tell us “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

The second half of self-love is learning to be a bigger life champion for yourself…

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Here’s what you need to know

The second half of self-love is learning to be a bigger life champion for yourself. One of the most satisfying freedoms you will ever know is the freedom to relax and be yourself – to be comfortable in your own skin. There is no more energy expended trying to present your perfection to or hide your imperfections from the world. All that energy is freed up to be who you are and to nurture your natural gifts and talents. You are choosing to invest in Soul, not Ego.

This doesn’t mean you’ve reached nirvana on the scale before allowing your life to expand. It means you are choosing to pursue your dreams while you let your body be a work-in-progress. It’s this very uncoupling that enables you to see and experience your body as a vehicle for your personal evolution. You realize the nurturing of your gifts and talents is influenced by the care and challenging of your body. More specifically, the quality and abundance of energy your bigger life needs is dependent on how well you foster this in your body. With this more profound connection, the scale becomes irrelevant to your self-esteem and self-worth.

To be a bigger life champion for yourself is to recall and hold your most buoyant moments in mind, when your self-talk was strong, supportive and…dare we say bold? You visualize your life stretched out before you, the positive ripple you want to have and you can’t wait to dive in. You’re bringing a sense of fearlessness to it. You’re not waiting for someone else to come along. You’re the one deciding “Come on in, the water’s fine!” Here are three guidelines for learning to be with deep truth:

  • Your choices reflect your beliefs. Truth is neutral but choices have a warmer-colder direction to them. All choices are driven by underlying beliefs. Supportive beliefs take you closer to your deep truth while limiting beliefs take you further away. Since beliefs can fluctuate and perfection is unnecessary, two-thirds of your choices in any given area will tell you what beliefs are currently dominating that part of your life. When you see this clearly, you see your choices as an expression of your personal power. How much of it are you willing to step into in your moments of rationalizing or sabotaging?
  • Proactively challenge your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs involve rational and irrational fears. For example, many people have some fear when they set out to start their own business. This would be rational and warrant research or validation of their business idea. Irrational fears surface as ‘not being good enough’ or ‘being undeserving’. Both are common for people struggling with weight issues but there are many more unnamed irrational fears ruling their behaviours. Look for, name and challenge your limiting beliefs and fears often.
  • Let your natural style and rhythm emerge. Your weight loss efforts will have deepened and expanded by this stage, such that you might not even recognize them from the start of this process. But check if there’s any part of you lingering in ‘reluctant compliance’, where you’re doing things just for the result, not the experience. Deep truth helps you shift to ‘cheerful willingness’, where your efforts are enjoyable and satisfying enough to bring your energy back and repeat them. You want to do them and you miss them when you don’t. You no longer live in opposition to your own life. You recognize you hold all the power to author your experiences.

Here’s what you can expect in Module 3: the Deep Truth stage

“I didn’t think it was possible to reverse diabetes, but with Coach Kath’s guidance, I did it!” – T.H., Elementary School Teacher

Core Value: Freedom; Primary Skill: Power
Coming into this stage you’re embracing truth as well as possibility and you’ve humbled yourself to the journey. Deep Truth builds on this by examining your deeper limiting beliefs and fears and surfacing who you really are underneath all this. It shines a light directly on your remaining rationalizations and sabotaging behaviours. The focus of this stage has you challenging your last vestiges of resistance. Your life skills are expanding into multiple competencies. You’re surprising yourself with more capacity, balance and agency throughout your life.

As the consciousness behind your choices, you are beginning to fathom you are wise and powerful beyond measure. You can acknowledge the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be, is your fear of this. There’s a foundation of self-love and tastes of unconditional love. You shift from “I inhabit my body and I’m owning where I’ve taken it.” to “I challenge my body and I’m harnessing my power to change it.”

Here’s what you can practice

There is deep truth our psyche doesn’t let us see until we have the wherewithall to be with it. But I think the hardest deep truth to be with is our own brilliance. And I believe these are inextricably linked.

For example, obesity is a factual term but it’s a difficult, deep truth to be with for many people in this weight category. There are lots of euphemisms to sidestep it: big; heavy-set; chunky; husky; plus-size; curvy; buxom; portly; plump; round; big-boned; fleshy; full-figured; voluptuous…fluffy?? But as long as they’re sidestepping it, they’re not owning it so they cannot step into their full power to change it.

Now imagine this person overcompensating for this elsewhere in their life and the energy it takes to do this. Maybe they go above and beyond at work or in taking care of everyone and everything at home. This energy is not available for nurturing themselves or manifesting their bigger life, so they never have to come face-to-face with their own brilliance. Or worse, their brilliance is thrust into the spotlight and they’re feeling unprepared, so they shut it down or sabotage it.

If you see yourself in the above paragraphs, the most important thing you can do is dust off your dreams, unearth your latent gifts and talents and get them out into the world as part of your wellness. At this stage, success is…when someone else’s wellness is essential to your own. Wellness is at least a joint effort and at best a communal one. Your wellness and what stems from it, matters, because it has the power to inspire wellness in others.

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How did it go for you?

It’s one of the most joyful things I do – champion and support my clients in their deep truth so they can challenge their perceived limitations and be full participants in their own lives. The highlight for both of us is when the day comes where I’m not just holding that space for them…they’re now seeing and being that powerful, bigger life champion for themselves.

Select a time when you challenged one of your limiting beliefs and fears and share it in the Members-Only Comments section below.

Describe what was both scary and exciting about doing that for yourself.

Be sure to check back in too, to let us know how it’s going!

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