Conscious Weight Loss – The Journey

"I now have the humility to understand I'm not a failure because I sought help - I'm a success because of it." - R.R., Teacher/Librarian

"Therapy I tried was lacking. This process taught me the life skills I needed as an adult, especially surrounding weight loss." - S.B., Nurse

"I knew my weight was connected to what was in my head and I knew Coach Kath was on to something." - J.T., Consultant and Coach

"I'm not only resculpting my body, I'm gaining new perspective on my life and my purpose." - N.R., Co-Founder/Entrepreneur

Conscious Weight Loss is an innovative, personal growth and spiritual evolution coaching process designed to take you from struggle to joy. It’s a comprehensive developmental learning approach to the genetic, environmental, socioeconomic, biological, neurological, psychological and spiritual factors influencing your struggle.

On a much deeper level, Conscious Weight Loss is a 4-stage, year-long journey of the psyche from Ego to Soul, culminating in your bigger life. Select a module to explore it in more depth:

The Awareness stage prepares you for the change ahead by taking an inward look at your struggle and your self-talk around this. It helps you view your resistance as just misdirected energy. You start releasing Egoic judgement of it. You start developing a sense of choice you didn’t know existed.

The Truth stage examines your self-image and what you need to unlearn to lose weight. The judgement you started releasing previously is key to humbling yourself to truth. You’re better able to own your choices and the type of energy they lead to. You’re developing efficacy with food, movement and your quality of life you didn’t think was possible.

The Deep Truth stage has you owning your truth AND your power, leading to a relaxed freedom with your weight issues. There’s still work to do but you’re amazed at how effortless things are when you get out of your own way. You’re also amazed at your natural gifts and talents unfolding before you. You’re surprising yourself with more capacity, balance and agency throughout your life.

The Alignment stage you’ll have had glimpses of during the process but now you’re learning to live from here. It’s a way of being, a feeling of joy, your natural state. It’s a Soulful aligning and directing of your energy towards your bigger life, resulting in inner peace. You’ve been on the journey you so needed but didn’t know you were looking for.

While these are described as distinct stages, many of the concepts are introduced early on and they deepen during the process with learning and practice. You can expect to make and feel incremental progress within the first few sessions and significant progress – on and off the scale – throughout the process. Clients typically report their progress feels like 7-8 levels of improvement (on their subjective scale of 10) per stage.

People often ask: “Is this mindful or intuitive eating?” “Is this a cognitive approach to emotional eating?” “Does this address my stressors?” “Does this reflect the evidence of addiction research?” “Does this align with the science of habit change?” “Is this a self-love approach?” “Is this a secular approach with a spiritual aspect?” Yes to all of this, but it’s much more.

Conscious Weight Loss is the first and only process to merge personal evolution coaching, harm reduction principles and unconditional love with weight loss.

Triggers get healed; potential gets realized; Ego and Soul get integrated. You keep the Soulful qualities you love about yourself and let go of the Egoic fears that were holding you back. Your authentic self, your exquisite self, shines through and all the wonderfulness that others see in you is what you’re finally feeling inside too. You started with a hope of weight loss; you’re now keenly optimistic about your big, bold, beautiful future.

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