Soul waits, patiently, for you to come and sit quietly with it.

Today’s Wisdom Bite about Soul (with a capital ‘S’) speaks to the kinder, gentler influence we can allow into our life. Its stable, calm qualities enable us to be the best, most resourceful, deeply grounded version of ourselves. Contrast this with Ego (with a capital ‘E’) with its harsh, agitated influence, and we can see why it can feel like a huge tug-of-war going on inside of us at times, especially when it comes to our wellness. But I believe we are neither Soul nor Ego. I believe we are pure consciousness – the observer of these two influences – and that means we get to choose which one we wish to align with in any given moment.

What if it’s not a fight with Ego but a Soulful conversation that’s trying to happen?…

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