Words have power. Wise words have the power to invoke change.

Wisdom Bites are wise words in small bites that build your skills and capacity for change

You’re saturated with info about the latest diet or exercise ‘breakthrough’

The names and methods change but you’ve essentially been trying and failing at the same weight loss approach for years.

But you knew something was missing…

Stop chasing knowledge and start developing wisdom

In the time it takes you to pause for a latte, you can create your own breakthroughs

It starts with clarifying INSIGHTS
Each Wisdom Bite offers digestible insights to answer your ‘why’ questions and give you the clarity to act

It solidifies with conscious PRACTICE
Each Wisdom Bite includes practical suggestions for consciously practicing these insights in your daily life

It strengthens with candid SHARING
Each Wisdom Bite features members-only comments for sharing your practices and learning from others

“Visually engaging. Emotionally and spiritually empowering.” – T.K.

“An opportunity for reflection and a mantra for the day.” – E.K.

“I pull up a Wisdom Bite when I need a gentle reminder.” – G.M.

“These keep me focused on the here and now.” – J.S.

“Important messages matched by the perfect visual.” – S.W.

“Short, bold statements. Easy to remember and repeat.” – T.H.

“Wisdom Bites help me be easier on myself.” – L.R.

“I found myself wanting to explore each one further.” – C.K.

Uplift and energize your weight loss efforts

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